Itasca County FEAP

FEAP in Itasca County, Minnesota began in 2004 as an initiative of the Land Commissioner and County Commissionersí. They desired to more broadly bring education and awareness about the northern Minnesota forest to students, citizens and visitors.  To accomplish this, it was recognized that there was a need to bridge the gap between practicing forestersí knowledge and professional educatorís skills in order to more effectively reach citizens young and old.  Doing so required a strong partnership between Itasca County and its forest users, landowners, forestry and logging professionals, education professionals, businesses and citizens.  They are formally called the FEAP Network Partners.  Hence, FEAP began by convening public, private, Native American and non-profit partners involved in forestry to develop collective key messages that clearly detailed the things youth, citizens and visitors should know about the working forest in the region.

The FEAP Network Partners list continues to grow and include organizations that also benefit from the forest including the energy, arts, mining, and manufacturing sectors.  A standing, open invitation remains open continually.  FEAP continues to be operated as a flexible partnership model allowing partners to engage when/where/how their talent and resources allow them.  Itasca County FEAP is coordinated by Maven Perspectives LLC, a partner engagement management company. 

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